About MFI Recovery Center

Established in 1972, MFI Recovery Center is a CARF accredited, non-profit corporation dedicated to providing quality, affordable mental health and substance abuse treatment programs for men, women, women with children, and adolescents. Our mission is to provide comprehensive substance abuse recovery and behavioral health services to help individuals and families achieve and maintain a healthy and productive lifestyle.

Our Staff

Licensed and certified by the State of California Alcohol and Drug Programs, MFI’s employees are committed to each client that participates in the variety of residential and outpatient programs offered.

Overseen by a physician, our multi-disciplinary team of licensed therapists, addiction counselors, and certified family interventionists supervise the personalized treatment created for each client. The emotional, social, spiritual, and physical well-being of clients and their families are of the utmost importance to everyone at MFI.

Our Programs

MFI’s adolescent substance abuse treatment program is a unique, evidence based program tailored specifically for teens; training them to positively navigate the challenges they face in today’s society. Teens have very different needs than adults. Our adolescent programs are not watered-down adult programs that have been repackaged for teens.

Combining research-based treatment with genuine care, our skilled, professional counselors work to re-establish loving and productive relationships for teens and their families.  Families are encouraged to participate and support teens during treatment which increases the chances of a successful long-term recovery.

Offering a continuum of care from admission to transitional living, MFI’s gender-specific residential programs offer 30, 60, and 90 day treatment plans resulting in an unparalleled success rate. In addition to substance abuse programs, MFI offers a variety of affordable programs to support individuals in all types of crisis. All fees are often based on the ability to pay.

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