Raincross Women’s Treatment Center in Riverside

Our Southern California women’s treatment center provides upscale accommodations in a serene residential environment. Physical comfort is essential during the demanding work that recovery from drugs and alcohol requires. Drug and alcohol addiction rehab in a women’s residential treatment program assures each client of having peers with shared experiences. Women often turn to drugs and alcohol for different reasons than men do, and Raincross’s treatment philosophy reflects these differences. Living and treatment areas at Raincross are modern and relaxing. Beautiful semi-private rooms and a fully equipped kitchen with marble counter tops add to our clients’ comfort. MFI Recovery Center’s comprehensive approach is personally tailored to the individual, adapted and changed as women regain a healthy and positive outlook.

Raincross Women’s Treatment Center Services

Clients in substance abuse rehab at Raincross Treatment Center for Women maintain an active schedule. Professional addiction specialists provide 24 hour monitoring and support. Studies have revealed that women tend to use substances for different reasons than men. Risk factors such as low self-esteem, peer pressure, and depression can make women more vulnerable to substance use as well as addiction. Research has also shown that physical and sexual trauma followed by post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is more common in drug-abusing women than in men seeking treatment. Counseling geared specifically for women includes relationship rebuilding, family support, and trauma-focused therapy. Counseling is conducted in an environment of trust and safety, where a woman’s voice is heard and respected. Therapy is customized to each client, and includes individual and group treatment modalities, 12-step work, relapse planning and aftercare. Our programs focus and approach in treating the individual and family helps bring important relationships back from miscommunication and conflict. Achieving an addiction-free lifestyle is possible with the right support and care, and MFI Recovery Center is dedicated to helping individuals find success and freedom in sobriety.


Clients at Raincross have access to a membership fitness gym that promotes healthy, physical recovery.  Weekly leisure time activities such as bowling, movies, and BBQ’s promote drug and alcohol-free social activities

MFI Recovery Center in Riverside

MFI’s women’s treatment center for alcohol and drug abuse offers the availability of a continuum of addiction treatment services from assessment through outpatient and aftercare. Many life circumstances predominate in women, which can make specialized women’s drug rehab the most beneficial approach. Substance abuse and addiction are complex, chronic and progressive in nature, and as such treatment must address various components of an individual’s life. Our professional addiction team ensures that physical, mental, and emotional aspects of each woman’s care are integrated into their personalized addiction treatment plan. While each individual will have a unique experience, women will encounter distinctive challenges and an individualized program will provide appropriate safety and comfort. Our licensed and certified, professional staff, credentialed substance abuse counselors and MFT therapists utilize evidence based practices through The Matrix Model with Cognitive behavior therapy, behavior modification and 12 step introduction. Additional therapy modalities take place at our nearby primary care therapy center.

Raincross women’s treatment center in Riverside is dedicated to promoting women’s sense of security, and structuring a recovery plan based on individual experience and needs, to provide the most effective results. If you have any questions we encourage you to call today.

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