Specialized Men’s Drug Rehab

Multiple research studies have shown the importance of an individualized men’s drug rehab program in the effective treatment of substance abuse. Each individual will have unique experiences, but men and women will encounter distinctive challenges as well.  Some findings suggest that over one third of the male population in the US have been dependent on alcohol or drugs at some stage in their lives. MFI Recovery Center’s rehab for men is dedicated to practicing current evidenced-based therapies in a safe and structured environment free from the stresses and cravings of everyday life. Our treatment is personally tailored to each individual’s needs, with comprehensive recovery plans that ensure return to a healthy and productive lifestyle.

Substance Abuse, Addiction and Men’s Drug Rehab

Men receiving treatment at MFI men’s drug rehab are provided with comprehensive on-site services to help them achieve their recovery goals. Substance abuse and addiction are complex, chronic and progressive in nature, and as such treatment must address various components of an individual’s life. Addiction specialists, paired with Master’s level therapists, work together with each individual to create a deeper understanding of addictive behaviors, developing a recovery plan that maps solutions for each person. MFI Recovery Center’s psychiatrist monitors progress to provide help for those who may be struggling with depression, anxiety or other mental health symptoms. Many clients in our men’s drug rehab program also have associated medical issues, and it is important that these co-occurring problems are treated at the same time that the substance abuse is addressed. Our individual and group counseling as well as medication services employ the most current scientific and research based methods. Since 1972 MFI Recovery Center, a CARF accredited, non-profit corporation, has provided high quality, affordable mental health and substance abuse treatment programs directing many to a life free of drugs and alcohol.

MFI Recovery Center’ Alcohol and Drug Rehab for Men

Clients in MFI’s men’s drug rehab program receive an array of services in a setting specially designed to promote recovery. Our men’s and women’s drug rehab centers are modern and comfortable. Rooms and therapeutic spaces are combined with places to promote rest, relaxation and peer support in off-treatment hours. MFI Recovery Center’s professional and caring staff are always available and dedicated to the well-being of each client. We offer residential drug rehab for men and women, as well as outpatient drug rehab for individuals who may be constrained by professional or family responsibilities. Our facilities provide drug rehab for teens as well. Our comprehensive and professionally staffed inpatient and outpatient programs provide cognitive behavior therapy and behavior modification, anger management, 12 step introduction and Multidimensional Family Therapy approach. By utilizing The Matrix Model of addiction treatment, we can provide the most individualized treatment, adjusting as health improves. If you are concerned about your substance abuse, or are worried about how a family member, friend, or co-worker might be abusing alcohol or drugs, don’t hesitate to call today with any questions you may have.

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