Teen Drug Rehab at MFI Recovery Center

“I am half way through my program now, and I’m doing things I never thought I could do… like talking to my mom without screaming at her and thinking about going back to school…I feel like a real person again.” – Justin Y.

MFI Recovery Center provides effective, science-based teen drug rehab that carefully applies the latest developments in treatment to yield remarkable results. Many factors can lead to drug and alcohol use among adolescents, and most people use drugs for the first time when they are teenagers. In 2012, there were over 2.8 million new users of illicit substances per day, and over half that number were under 18. Adolescence is a challenging time, particularly in our increasingly fast-paced modern culture. Being a parent of a teenager with a substance abuse problem can be even more challenging. It is possible to change, and we encourage you to take the first step today. Since 1972, MFI Recovery Center has been dedicated to helping individuals and families change direction and restore a healthy and positive future.

What to Expect from our Teen Drug Rehab Program

In our teen drug rehab program, our committed team of professionals works closely with teens and their families to understand underlying issues, and create an effective individualized teen drug treatment plan. MFI utilizes Multidimensional Family Therapy (MDFT) since many in the field believe this approach to be the most effective treatment for adolescents who struggle with substance use and related issues. Multiple studies show that a combination of individual and family counseling services is the most effective method to help teens get back on track.

MFI Recovery offers outpatient drug rehab for teens in multiple convenient treatment center locations across the California Inland Empire region.  Help for teens with a substance abuse problems begins upon first contact with MFI Recovery Center. Our professional counselors will arrange a confidential intake interview to learn more about each teen’s individual history, and then recommend the appropriate teen drug treatment options. Each individual is different, and each families’ experience will be unique. Our highly personalized program provides evidence based treatment in a comfortable and safe environment where both adolescents and their families can begin recovering and healing.

About Drug Rehab for Teens

MFI Recovery Center’s caring, professional teen drug rehab counselors are trained and experienced in treating teenagers with substance abuse issues. In addition to eliminating drug and alcohol use, we develop a personalized relapse prevention plan, and our clinicians help teenagers and their families improve communication, rebuild trust, and establish a sense of reasonable control. We provide information and education for families about the drugs teens are using and the effects these substances produce. Its important families understand how to tell if your child is on drugs, and what signs and symptoms to be aware of. Our men’s and women’s drug rehab programs give individuals and families tools to which extend beyond the treatment setting to promote positive coping strategies and effective recovery. If, as a parent, you suspect your teenager is using prescription drugs, marijuana or another substance, it’s important to get immediate professional help. The more quickly help is obtained, the stronger the opportunity for a teen to reengage their goals and aspirations in life again.

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