Specialized Women’s Drug Rehab

Because MFI understands the issues unique to women who wish to transform their lives, MFI’s  specialized women’s drug rehab is designed specifically to address their needs in a safe, caring and healthy environment  While each individual will have a unique experience, men and women encounter distinctive challenges that an individualized program can provide appropriate support for. A three-year government study on women revealed that young women tend to use substances for different reasons than young men. The study found that risk factors such as low self-esteem, peer pressure and depression make girls and young women more vulnerable to substance use as well as addiction, and that females tend to become dependent faster and suffer the consequences sooner than compared to males. Research has also shown that physical and sexual trauma followed by post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is more common in drug-abusing women than in men seeking treatment. Our drug rehab for women is dedicated to promoting women’s sense of security, and structuring a recovery plan based on individual experience and needs, to provide the most effective results.

Substance Abuse, Addiction and Women’s Drug Rehab

Women receiving treatment at MFI’s women’s drug rehab are provided with comprehensive on-site services to help them achieve their recovery goals. Substance abuse and addiction are complex, chronic and progressive in nature, and as such treatment must address various components of an individual’s life. MFI Recovery Center’s comprehensive approach is tailored to the individual; it is adapted and changed as women regain their healthy and positive outlook. Our professional addiction team ensures that physical, mental and emotional aspects of each woman’s care are integrated into their personalized addiction treatment plan. Depression, anxiety and dual disorders can often be present in women with a drug or alcohol addiction. These associated issues must also be addressed in order for treatment and long-term recovery to be successful. Our individual and group counseling as well as medication services employ the most current scientific and research based methods. Since 1972 MFI Recovery Center, a CARF accredited, non-profit corporation, has provided high quality, affordable mental health and substance abuse treatment programs directing many to a life free of drugs and alcohol.

MFI Recovery Center’s Alcohol and Drug Rehab for Women

MFI’s women’s drug rehab offers three locations in California’s Inland Empire, each dedicated to the unique issues faced by women with alcohol and drug addictions. MFI Recovery Center offers comprehensive, accredited and structured programs that allow women, with or without children, to overcome the unique challenges they face. We offer residential rehab for men and women, as well as outpatient drug rehab for women and men who may be constrained by professional or family responsibilities. Our facilities provide drug rehab for teens as well. Our certified counselors and therapists work with each woman to understand the unique personal reasons for their drug and alcohol abuse, and provide the tools needed to overcome addictions and other self-defeating behaviors. MFI Recovery Center’s specialized and evidence-based programs help women develop skills to free themselves from feelings of dependency, low self-esteem, or an inability to cope with stress. By replacing these negative coping strategies with positive and healthy methods for managing life, our clients are able to live free of addiction. If you have any questions we encourage you to call today.

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