Outpatient Treatment Center Services

“There is no way I could leave my family to go to treatment… there’s nobody but me to take care of my kids and my wife’s sick. Thank God my boss let me come here to MFI. I think I’m going to make it this time.” – Henry G., age 47

Excellence in drug and alcohol rehab and recovery is the standard at each MFI outpatient treatment center program. Outpatient substance abuse treatment allows clients to remain at home and continue a normal daily routine, while receiving the professional therapy, support and guidance needed to gain control back from an addiction. MFI’s addiction treatment center offers both an Outpatient Program (OP) and Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP). We have individually tailored treatment options for men and women, adolescents and professionals in need of an  employee assistance program. Outpatient rehab programs are appropriate as both a step down level of care following residential treatment, and as an initial option for clients with less severe addictions to drugs and alcohol. If you are concerned about drinking or drug use, be it your own, a friend, co-worker or family member, don’t hesitate to reach out for help today.

Modern and Comprehensive Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment

By seeking information about substance abuse and outpatient treatment center programs, you have taken an important first step. Substance abuse can begin to take over an individual’s life, damaging important relationships, hindering professional growth and minimizing interests and aspirations. MFI Recovery Center has been helping clients achieve sustainable recovery since 1972, emphasizing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual transformation. As a CARF Accredited Substance Abuse Treatment Center in Riverside California, MFI provides access to comprehensive residential, outpatient addiction treatment and aftercare services. Our qualified professional counselors utilize The Matrix Treatment Model. This evidenced-based model of care allows adults dealing with substance abuse issues to develop positive behaviors, maintain abstinence from alcohol and drug use, learn and reinforce relapse prevention skills and meet individualized treatment objectives. The Matrix Treatment Model is a highly effective outpatient addiction treatment approach, and is proven to promote sustained recovery from drugs and alcohol. It is possible to change substance abuse and addiction patterns and restore meaningful connections with the right help and support.

MFI Outpatient Treatment Center

Outpatient treatment center services are available at multiple locations, in a serene therapeutic environment. While not all services are offered at each location, our intake counselors work with clients to make their treatment as convenient as possible, without sacrificing individual therapy needs. In addition to core services, MFI offers specialized treatment options at each of our outpatient alcohol and drug rehab locations such as stress management skills, parenting classes, mental health counseling and medication management. Family dynamic assessment and improvement promotes positive communication and behavioral changes for important relationships affected by substance abuse. In this way, family counseling provides an opportunity for individuals in treatment to rebuild the close connections essential for support in recovery. Identifying and coming to terms with the underlying root causes of substance abuse are evaluated through individual and group therapy sessions tailored to individual needs. If you or someone you know is struggling with substance abuse or addiction, we encourage you to call today. We are available anytime to answer any questions you may have.

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