MFI Recovery’s Residential Treatment Center

“When a client requires drug rehabilitation, the responsiveness of MFI has been impressive. The staff’s willingness to do a prompt and thorough assessment, provide the client with a well-designed treatment plan, and follow-through with each client have been paramount in getting our clients the help they need.” - Robert Lough, Riverside County

Each residential treatment center at MFI Recovery offers individualized and effective treatment for substance abusers needing the security of a safe, structured rehab environment. MFI is proud to have five residential substance abuse treatment facilities in the Inland Empire, each providing specialized care to a unique population.

Our residential drug and alcohol treatment centers are well respected and highly recommended. MFI Recovery Center provides accredited, structured, and professionally staffed short and long term care with an esteemed record of success for addiction treatment. Surveys indicate that 83% of MFI graduates are clean and sober within the six months after leaving addiction treatment.

Why Residential Substance Abuse Treatment is Effective

Residential treatment centers offer the most effective treatment for substance abusers who need the security of a safe environment to establish healthy living habits. By communicating with others who are recovering, sharing with professionals, and living with a therapeutic community, you can learn how to lead a loving and productive life.

Residential substance abuse treatment has many benefits. By separating the substance abuser from the source of their alcohol and drugs allows the person to stabilize and begin to rebalance the brain.  Daily routines are structured helping to re-establish habits that are essential in early recovery. Also, by communicating with others who are recovering, sharing with professionals, and living in a therapeutic community clients learn how to lead a loving and productive life.

Ample opportunity to develop and practice relapse prevention skills is an important part of residential drug treatment. Life skills and education are also integrated in each client’s care plan. Working together, living together, and recovering together is the basis for a new support system once residential treatment is completed.

Our residential treatment center programs are comprehensive and affordable.  MFI Recovery provides individualized treatment and recovery programs, individual and group counseling, introduction to 12-Step programs, and a transition to sober living after treatment. Each of our drug and alcohol treatment programs are staffed by skilled and experienced clinicians.

See an Example of our Residential Schedule

Men often face different life-stressors that can lead to drug and alcohol problems, and our men’s programs allow group bonding over common issues.  Dealing with anger, depression, stress, and family conflict are all part of the learning process in residential treatment.  Becoming more effective parents and family members is essential to men in treatment.  MFI’s program addresses these common concerns.

MFI’s Residential Treatment Centers

Our programs are comprehensive and affordable. We provide individualized treatment and recovery programs, individual and group counseling, introduction to 12-Step programs, and a transition to sober living after treatment.

Our residential treatment center for men is located in the shadow of Mt. Rubidoux in the City of Riverside.  This program is individually tailored to meet the highest standards of substance abuse treatment.  Semi-private apartments offer comfort and privacy.  Membership to a local gym helps restore a healthy balance of  living.  Recovery counselors mentor clients through the treatment process.  Master’s level therapist provide the personalized attention that maximizes solid recovery principles.

MFI offers 3 residential treatment programs for women in various geographical areas of Riverside County, CA. Raincross, La Vista, and A Woman’s Place are MFI programs each of which is designed for the specific needs of women. Our primary mission is to provide an opportunity for women to break the cycle of addiction, and enjoy healthy, calm and productive lives. Counseling is conducted in an environment of trust and safety, where a woman’s voice is heard and respected.  Troubled relationships, difficult losses, and trauma can be addressed and healed.  In the safe and confidential environment of one of MFI’s residential drug treatment centers, the loneliness and despair of substance abuse gives way to the hope of recovery.

Raincross Treatment for Women provides accommodation for women seeking treatment away from the stresses of family life.  Located in a quiet Riverside locale, women can find care and expertise required to establish a new foundation for life

La Vista Residential Treatment Center for Women is located in the shadow of Mt. San Jacinto.  A beautiful historical farmhouse provides a comfortable and serene environment promoting a healthy and,balanced life.

Our Woodcrest Residential Treatment Center for Men is located on 6 acres of ranch land in East Riverside.  It is a rural setting removed from day-to-day distractions to provide a serene and comfortable environment which facilitates the recovery process.

Our residential treatment center for women accompanied by their children, is located in a neighborhood near downtown Riverside and Riverside Community Hospital.  This residential facility allows women to focus on recovery while learning parenting skills in a safe environment. There is also an Elementary school within walking distance.


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