MFI Recovery’s Substance Abuse and Drug Treatment Programs

MFI Recovery’s drug treatment program creates a foundation that helps rebuild meaningful aspects of an individual’s life. Substance use patterns and addictive behavior can have damaging consequences to both personal and professional life. Multiple factors can contribute to someone choosing substance use as a coping mechanism to escape stress or emotional conflict. Our programs are designed to assist individuals and families at all levels of care, to identify and manage the underlying causes of behavior in order to establish effective coping strategies for the future. By utilizing evidence-based practices, individually tailored to each person’s unique experience and needs, our drug addiction treatment centers practice the highest quality of care. We are available anytime to answer any questions you may have.

Alcohol and Drug Treatment Programs Offered

Our substance abuse and drug addiction treatment programs offer all levels of care from residential through aftercare in order to afford our clients the best opportunity for success. Our residential substance abuse and drug addiction treatment also ensures the availability of 24/7 care with individual, group and family therapy programs and activities throughout each day. IOP and outpatient programs are offered in the evenings, three days a week, to provide working professionals and families with active schedules, some flexible recovery options. Assessment with our experienced and trained professional staff will determine which level of care is best suited to the individual, with personal program plans outlined and re-assessed throughout treatment. No two people are exactly the same, and we offer a variety of programs that meet the individual needs of each client to ensure their success of reaching a life free of addiction.

Changing Lives with Our Drug Addiction Treatment Programs

The substance abuse and drug treatment programs available at MFI Recovery Center provide quality and affordable addiction treatment that safely and effectively helps people learn to maintain a life free of addiction. Drug and alcohol addiction can affect any person at any age. Our substance abuse and drug treatment center programs are gender and age specific to ensure individual needs are met. We furnish a comfortable and warm, home-like environment with structured, evidenced based methods of behavior modification and cognitive behavioral therapies. We offer a family systems approach, treating the whole family to re-establish trust and mutual respect where it may have been damaged by substance use. It’s almost impossible for someone who is struggling with substance abuse to recover alone, and our program helps individuals rebuild the close connections essential to successful recovery. MFI Recovery has helped thousands achieve a new life and a new freedom. Don’t hesitate to take the first step and reach out for help today if you or someone you love is struggling.

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