5 Reasons Not to do Drugs


5 Reasons Not to do Drugs 2

1. The Harm

It's no secret that narcotic substances cause physical and mental damage, but if you're looking for some ready reasons why not to do drugs there are plenty. The list of physical problems which come from substance abuse is colossal: heart attack; stroke; liver failure; diabetes; asthma; eye deterioration; and sexual impotence just to name a few. Mental side effects caused by narcotics include: anxiety; hallucination; schizophrenia; and profound depression. The most radical change narcotics cause is the transformation of the user into a different person, which tends to take on the characteristics of a living nightmare.

2. Cost

Drugs are addictive, so one can expect a mounting drug addiction inevitably leads to an exponential increase in the cost of maintaining the habit. No matter how much money available, addiction will consume all of it, insanely desperate for more with no ability to manage either the addiction or basic life expenses. Drug users who begin recreationally, all too often end up stealing, cheating and lying. It isn't so much the price itself of drugs, but rather the depths to which addicts are prepared to plunge in order to pay for them.

3. Career and Life Goals

Everyone has hopes and dreams for the future, but for addicts these begin to narrow down to where the next score is coming from. Without meaning to, people who experiment with harmful substances tend to devote more and more of their time and energy into the drugs or alcohol. Activities, studies, professional interests, creativity are diminished by substances.  However, those who abstain from experimentation with drugs are more likely to attend college, have more energy and succeed in achieving life goals.

4. Family and Friends

9th grader Cody Hansen in a list of the possible effects of drug use said: "Drugs cause people to show you less respect/trust"

Very true; the negative impact of drug use on loved ones is in many ways the most detrimental effect. Those who engage in drug and alcohol abuse tend to hurt those who are closest to them, the people who exhibit caring and compassion for our well-being. The effects of taking drugs and alcohol are not limited to the person taking them, the consequences of those actions will affect all who are around the person as well.

5. Lack of Good Judgment

Most accidents and unintentional injury are caused by those under the influence and a great many crimes are committed by those who are on drugs and are not thinking clearly. Drugs and alcohol can limit a person's ability to make good choices, change perception, blunts alertness and slows motor co-ordination. When considering why not to do drugs, one thing to consider is that alcohol and drugs have always been the leading cause of death by injury simply because of the inability to properly understand one's lack of good judgment.

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