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Men's Health Month

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Celebrated across the country with screenings, fairs, media appearances and outreach activities, June is Men's Health Month. The purpose of the campaign is to heighten the awareness of preventable health problems and encourage early detection and treatment of disease among men and boys. It also provides a great opportunity to encourage males to seek regular medical advise and early treatment for illness and injury. Since first launching in 1994, the observance has spurred thousands of awareness activities in the USA and around the globe. In our efforts to address one of the most startling and pervasive health problems facing men today, MFI offers an array of services tailored to help men (and women) conquer substance abuse as well as other physical and mental health-related conditions.

Men & Addiction
Experts agree that addiction manifests differently for each person, depending on several factors, including gender. So, too, should associated treatment and recovery. According to a study about drug use and health, men are two times more likely to battle substance abuse or other forms of dependency than women.

What's more, men: 

  • Are more likely to abuse substances resulting from peer pressure than women. 
  • Tend to experiene more intense symptoms of alcohol withdrawal than women. 
  • More often abuse marijuana, cocaine and hallucinogens than women. 
  • Are also more likely than women to grow dependent on prescription medication

More to the Story
Fortunately, the news for men is not all bad. Although women often drink less often than men, they tend to become addicted more quickly. After treatment, women also typically face a higher risk of relapse than men. The distinctions between male and female addiction are owed to several biological factors, such as hormones and average body size and composition, all of which affect the body's ability to efficiently metabolize substances. However, sex is just one of many risk factors, which include: family history, family dynamic, medical history, personality attributes, socio-economic status, professional life, and many more. In other words, whether you are male or female, you could become an addict, no particular risk-factor required.

Whole-Person Care
Whatever your gender, MFI provides whole-person care. Our men's treatment program incorporates evidence-based therapies in a safe and structured environment, free from the stresses and cravings of everyday life. Each program is personally-tailored to each man's needs, with comprehensive recovery plans that ensure a return to a healthy and productive lifestyle. Tailored to each man, our approach helps them regain a healthy and positive outlook. Depression, anxiety and dual diagnosis disorders are common in men with a drug or alcohol addiction. Our team helps clients address the issues, ensuring treatment and long-term recovery. Individual and group counseling, as well as medication services, take advantage of the most current scientific and research-based methods.

Why not mark Men's Health Month by reclaiming your life or helping someone you love who struggles with addiction? Take advantage of one of our men's treatment programs: 

About MFI
Throughout 10 facilities in Riverside and San Bernardino Counties, we employ the Matrix Model, creating a personalized treatment program for each client. Various modalities can include behavior modification, 12-Step program introduction, cognitive behavioral therapy, and family systems techniques, including the family in group therapy. Treatment options include outpatient and inpatient detox, medication management (if appropriate), group therapy, individual therapy, relapse prevention educatio, and ongoing support after treatment. To find out more, call (866) 218-4697, or for no-admission related information, contact us at (951) 683-6596. 

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