Primary Care Treatment

Primary Care Treatment


One of the reasons addicts hesitate to begin treatment is because they feel that everything has spiraled out of control. The thought of clearing it all up is absolutely overwhelming. At MFI Recovery Center, we understand how daunting rebuildling and repairing can be. So, we help clients not just with detox and recovery but in virtually every area of their lives - including addressing adverse effects their disease has had on their bodies. 

Clients at Mt Rubidoux, as well as our other nine detox and treatment centers, see medical personnel at intake as well as throughout their entire inpatient and/or outpatient experience at MFI. What's more, we provide transportation to our medical center, located in the MFI Administration Building on Arlington Avenue in Riverside. Known as Primary Care, the center is staffed by licensed medical professionals and managed by Kimberly Arnett, R.N., and director of medical services. Nurse Kim, as she is affectionately called, works closely with Medical Director Dr. Michael Valdez, who is an addiction specialist.

"We are so blessed to have Dr. Valdez. He really knows his stuff," says Arnett. "He has so much experience, he is able to recommend courses of treatment based on real world experience as well as research."

Prior to beginning her career at MFI, Kim worked in an intensive care unit for 20 years. Although she found the work exhilarating, she didn't have the luxury of seeing patients' progress from trauma to full recovery. She appreciates the fact that, at MFI, she is able to work with patients from intake, throughout their rehabilitation program and beyond.

"It's rewarding to stay in touch with alumni," she says. "I love working with them from day one. It's a miracle to watch them rebuild their lives. We stay in touch with clients, so I enjoy seeing them with restored bodies, healthy families and new careers."

The Primary Care Process

At Intake, medical staff personnel carefully assess each patient. The client's medical assessment includes screenings for diseases and conditions which often accompany addiction - diabetes; hypertension; ear infections; dental abscesses; mental disorders such as anxiety, depression and bi-polar; Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs), Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs), and more.

Also done at intake:

After intake, the client's medical journey includes careful ongoing monitoring of Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) as well as vital signs: blood pressure, blood sugar, weight, etc. Team meetings enable the MFI staff to discuss cases and adjust treatment plans accordingly.

"One of the things I love about MFI is that our program is evidence-based," says Kim. "Studies show results for various treatment modalities (methods). So, we are able to use that research to design programs that have the very best possible outcomes. I'm proud of the medical treatment we offer at MFI."

About MFI Recovery

Throughout 10 facilities in Riverside and San Bernardino Counties, we employ the Matrix Model for each individual client, creating a personalized treatment program. Various modalities include behavior modification, 12-step recovery program introduction, cognitive behavioral therapy, and family systems techniques, including the family in group therapy. Treatment options include outpatient and inpatient detox, medication management (if appropriate), group therapy, individual therapy, relapse prevention education, and ongoing support after treatment. If you would like to get help for yourself or someone you love, call today (866) 218-4697. 

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