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When the Going Gets Tough

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John F. Kennedy's father, Joseph Kennedy, coined a phrase that applies to most of the MFI family:

"When the going gets tough, the tough get going."

The saying certainly describes alumnus Edward S., who completed his inpatient treatment at Mt Rubidoux in September 2018.

"I had to go to court for my third DUI," he recalls, "And the judge told me that outpatient treatment wouldn't cut it. He said, unless I started an inpatient recovery program, I would have to serve at least 45 days in jail. I knew jail wasn't the way to go. If I had gone to jail, I would have come out and immediately returned to my addiction."  

Instead, Edward checked himself into Mt Rubidoux in June, with 40 days of sobriety under his belt. He chose the facility based on the court's recommendation.

"I admit I was scared because it was my first time at an inpatient treatment center," he says. "But I was determined to get clean. I had finally decided to take my sobriety seriously."

Edward took awhile to settle into the routine at Mt Rubidoux, carefully following the rules, keeping his space clean, and doing recommended packet work.

"I think one of the reasons the program worked for me is because no one judged me. I was able to talk about how I had been drinking since I was 13 years old, and that there was a lot of substance abuse in my family. It helped a lot to be able to share in group with people who got it. They told me I wasn't alone. Mt Rubidoux felt like home."

Edward is a forklift driver who is grateful his employer held his job for four months while he was in treatment. While at MFI, his leadership skills emerged, earning him the title and responsibilities associated with being "lead client."

"It was my job to keep people on track -- making sure they showed up to group on time and monitoring smoking breaks, and taking head counts while we were on field trips. I was busy most of the time, running up and down the stairs taking care of things." 

He relished the role so much, Edward plans to further his education and pursue the field of substance abuse counseling.

"I think we all need help and we need to see things from each other's perspectives," he says. "We can't push each other. It's up to each person to take the tools the MFI staff and counselors give us and use them to gain our sobriety."

On September 8, Edward's father picked him up from MFI and took him to court, where Edward expected to be fitted with a SCRAM bracelet. The judge was so impressed with Edward's progress, he waived the requirement. As of the time of this writing, Edward has been sober for 178 days. He plans to stay clean by keeping in touch with people he met at the facility, talking to his sponsor daily, and commuting from Lynwood to Orange County to attend church.

"One of the field trips we took while I was at Mt Rubidoux was to the Harvest Crusade," he says. "The service really moved me. The music hit home." Edward admits it's scary to return to the real world. "But I have the tools I need," he says. I just have to hang tough and use them."

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