Multidimensional Family Therapy

Multidimensional Family Therapy (MDFT)

MFI Recovery uses a science and evidence-based treatment program called Multidimensional Family Therapy (MDFT) for the treatment of adolescent substance abuse and behavioral problems.

Treatment approaches designed for adults are not effective with teenagers. MDFT is a highly effective method for teenagers living at home.

Teen behaviors that put families in a state of crisis include:

  • Abuse of drugs
  • Abuse of alcohol
  • Development of problems at school
  • Development of problems with peers
  • Conflict at home

At MFI, we believe that "the family is the medicine," which means a family focus in youth treatment is essential in the recovery process. Treatment is guided by MFI's professional clinicians with specialized training in Multidimensional Family Therapy. The adolescent is able to remain at home during the treatment process and is an excellent alternative to residential care. Recent research suggests that MDFT can be more effective than youth residential treatment due to its intense focus on the family.

Understanding Multidimensional Family Therapy at MFI

Utilizing the Multidimensional Family Therapy approach, our highly skilled clinicians target the adolescent, their families, their friends, and their school. Success must be measured in each of these areas throughout the recovery process, and the treatment plan is adjusted according to the current needs of the teen and their family. MDFT is not a "blame and shame" therapy. It is a challenging and respectful approach to helping families.

MFI Recovery Center's professional team of compassionate counselors helps teenagers and their families:

  • Break the cycle of drinking and drug taking
  • Reopen the lines of communication
  • Re-establish trust
  • Repair broken relationships

Families are often at the 'end of their rope' with their teens. MFI professional clinicians help parents reclaim hope with their teen through bold, concrete steps that both the family and the teen make to convince each other of new possibilities, instead of the downhill path that they have been on.

MFI's program is unique in that success is measured in achieving milestones. While your teen is eliminating substance abuse, other victories are also being achieved, among them:

  • Reduced drug and alcohol use
  • Better school attendance
  • Improved grades
  • More positive interactions with family members
  • Stronger coping skills

Multidimensional Family Therapy Is Effective, Many Other Methods Are Not

Parents want the best for the teens in crisis, but are often fooled by alternative programs that are expensive, and are not proven effective, despite their high cost. Some of the most commonly advertised programs are often ineffective include:

  • Teen boot camps
  • Wilderness programs for adolescents
  • Expensive Inpatient programs

When looking for the best care for a struggling adolescent, we encourage parents to conduct an internet search, or YouTube search, on Multidimensional Family Therapy. Ample evidence is available that underscores what adolescent treatment experts consider state of the art treatment for teens, and MDFT is one of the most respected.

Treatment plans at MFI are individualized, to allow flexibility during treatment according to each teen's personal needs and goals, changing as they move closer to a drug-free lifestyle. Personalized treatment programs are evaluated and adjusted weekly to target current personal needs and progress.

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