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Over the past four decades, MFI Recovery’s drug addiction treatment has helped thousands of people who struggle with substance abuse regain control of their lives. Doctors and medical professionals have studied and researched the intersecting biological, psychological and social or environmental factors that contribute to substance abuse and addiction. Through evidence-based methods and dynamic approaches to treating these issues, MFI Recovery has established a highly qualified program to assist individuals and families who are struggling with substance use issues. If you or someone you love is showing signs of impairment because of drug or alcohol use, don’t hesitate to call for information and direction. We can help you.

MFI Recovery: Treatment for Drug Addiction and Substance Use

For individuals struggling with substance abuse, MFI Recovery’s drug addiction treatment in Riverside offers a solution to break the cycle. Substance abuse is a complex problem, and it can spill over to affect many aspects of an individual’s life. Addiction is often likened to a disease because of the degenerating effect substances can have on the brain; because of that, stopping drug or alcohol abuse is not simply a matter of willpower. Our alcohol and drug addiction treatment programs work with both the individual and the family to identify the source of substance abuse and address all affected areas of a person’s life. We provide clients with holistic physical, mental, emotional and spiritual solutions. MFI Recovery’s drug treatment center provides access to comprehensive residential programs, outpatient, and aftercare. We specialize in offering programs for families and teens, men, women, employees, and women with children. MFI Recovery is dedicated to a high quality of care and accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF), licensed and certified by the State of California Alcohol and Drug Programs.

Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment in Riverside

CARF Accredited Substance Abuse Treatment Center in Riverside CaliforniaWhile many people begin using alcohol and drugs recreationally, drug addiction often stems from when drug use shifts from recreational to dependency. Certain stressors, biological predispositions, and mental health conditions can also be attributed to drug dependency. A person who becomes addicted may believe they need a substance to lessen physical or emotional pain, to relieve stress or amplify energy. Making an important decision is never easy, but seeking treatment for drug addiction and substance abuse is a positive and life-changing experience. Alcohol and drug addiction treatment centers give an individual who is struggling with substance use an opportunity to stop the pattern. Drug addiction and alcoholism are preventable, and research has shown that programs involving the family can have a great effect in reducing drug abuse. MFI Recovery’s family systems model, as well behavior modification and cognitive behavioral therapies are evidenced-based methods with proven success rates. It is possible to change your life in positive and enduring ways. If you have any questions or concerns we encourage you to contact us today.

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