Alumni Groups Are an Important Part of Relapse Prevention at MFI

Staff at MFI enjoy remaining in contact with our former clients and encourage them to join our Alumni Group. During the rehab process, strong bonds with others seeking sobriety are often formed. Meals, recreation time, and therapy sessions are shared together over a long period of time. Mutual trust is established, secrets are shared and strong friendships are developed. Once sobriety has been achieved, maintaining these friendships while transitioning and adjusting to a new lifestyle will provide valuable support.

Alumni groups are an important feature of a comprehensive relapse prevention plan. Alumni Groups are an opportunity to spend time with others who have walked the same road, in a sober environment, to share experiences since leaving rehab, reconnect and see how everyone is doing with their recovery journey, celebrate successes and obtain or offer support when needed.
Another important aspect of our Alumni Group is the opportunity to be an inspiration and encouragement to others who may be taking their first steps to sober living outside of rehab. Our Alumni Group activities include formal relapse prevention programs as well as social events.

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