Addiction Treatment Admissions Process

At MFI, confidential and professional assessments are provided to determine what level of care is most appropriate for each individual seeking treatment for alcohol or drug addiction. Finding the treatment program for our individual needs can be difficult and we want to do everything we can to help. It is the goal of our intake counselors to give everyone the personal attention necessary to best evaluate their needs so that the highest quality of care can be provided.

We offer a wide variety of programs that include outpatient treatment, residential treatment for alcohol, and educational courses.

Addiction Treatment Centers for Teens Our center for substance abuse treatment is staffed with caring, professional counselors who are trained specifically to work with teenagers and help them and their families improve communication, rebuild trust, and adopt an addiction-free lifestyle.

Addiction Treatment Centers for Family Support MFI's center for substance abuse treatment not only treats the addict, we treat the entire family by offering a variety of educational resources and support groups for family members of addicts providing hope for the future.

Addiction Treatment Centers for Women Women's issues and reasons for substance abuse are unique and differ greatly from men's issues. Offering separate 'women only' rehab facilities will provide the privacy and safety women need as they strive toward a life of sobriety.

Addiction Treatment Centers for Employees An employee assistance program is an innovative and individualized program designed to support employees with minimal absence from work while obtaining optimum treatment for drug addiction or alcoholism.
Don't let the stress of family and work or the despair of substance abuse ruin your life.

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