Non-Denominational Spiritual Rehab


Non-Denominational Spiritual Rehab

Rehabilitation is an act of restoration, renewal, and repair. Getting back on course and finding the way back to a life free of addiction is often more fulfilling through spiritual rehabilitation. It provides the strength needed to pick up the pieces and the hope to stay on course to an addiction-free lifestyle. Lacking direction, feelings of being out of control, hitting bottom, having no purpose, and zapped of the strength to make a change can all be mended with the help of spiritual rehab.

One Step at a Time

Being aware of an addiction problem is an important first step in getting the help needed to recover. Our substance abuse treatment program will help uncover the core reasons for the addiction and allow you to 'live' through those reasons without the assistance of drugs, alcohol, food, or other addictive behaviors.

Facing fears can sometimes be painful or uncomfortable; turning to a higher power during spiritual rehab, whatever you understand that to be, will provide strength along the way. Journeying through and experiencing the pain in and of itself is an excellent teacher often providing the incentive needed to move into action and desire change more than the addiction. Identifying these motivators to choosing an addictive behavior and turning to a higher power, something stronger than self, will allow you to feel optimistic and possess the ability to stop the behavior.

Choosing a Higher Power

The 12-Step program defines a higher power as anything the addict believes is adequate. The choices are endless and may range from nature, consciousness, science, or Buddha to God. The only requirements are that the higher power is greater than the individual seeking it and a decision is made during spiritual rehab to turn your will and life over to its care (step 3). Once a higher power is chosen the dependency shifts, hope is gained, and the journey to a life free of addiction becomes a team effort.

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