Woodcrest Men's Program - Detox and Residential Facility for Men

Providing men with a comfortable place to learn new skills, focus fully on recovery, and associate with other men on the same path is our goal at Woodcrest. Located on 6 acres of ranch land in the Woodcrest area of Riverside, CA, this is the perfect place to get away from the stressors that contribute to addiction. Our stone fireplace, pleasant d├ęcor, and the expansive outdoor area provide a comfortable and peaceful environment.

MFI offers the availability of a continuum of addiction treatment services from Assessment through Outpatient and Aftercare.

Woodcrest Men's Treatment Center Unique Services for Men

  • Comprehensive on-site services

  • Individual, group and family therapy

  • Men-only group therapy sessions

  • Safe environment where men can open up freely without distraction

  • Learn anger management, self-respect, and self-control

  • Behavior modification

  • Cognitive behavior therapy utlizing the Matrix Model

  • 12 step introduction

MFI's psychiatrist monitors progress to provide help for those who may be struggling with depression, anxiety or other mental health symptoms. Many clients in our Riverside men's drug rehab program also have associated medical issues, and it is important that these co-occurring problems are treated at the same time that the substance abuse is addressed.

Specialized Men's Rehab in Riverside

Clients in MFI's Woodcrest, will each have unique experiences and will encounter distinctive challenges as well. Substance abuse and addiction are complex, chronic and progressive in nature, and as such treatment must address various components of an individual's life. Addiction specialists, paired with Master's level therapists, work together with each individual client at our Riverside location, to create a deeper understanding of addictive behaviors, developing a recovery plan that maps solutions.

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