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MFI's specialized women's drug rehab is designed specifically to address the needs of women in a safe, caring and healthy environment, giving each individual a very unique experience. MFI understands the issues unique to women who wish to transform their lives. Our drug rehab for women is dedicated to promoting a woman's sense of security and structuring a recovery plan based on individual experience and needs. Our specialized programs help women develop skills to free themselves from feelings of dependency, low self-esteem, or an inability to cope with stress. By replacing these negative coping strategies with positive and healthy methods for managing life, women are able to live free of addiction.

Whole Woman Care
Our approach is tailored to each woman; it is adapted and changed as women regain their healthy and positive outlook. Our professional addiction team ensures that physical, mental and emotional aspects of each woman's care are integrated into their personalized addiction treatment plan. Depression, anxiety and dual disorders can often be present in women with a drug or alcohol addiction. These issues must also be addressed in order for treatment and long-term recovery to be successful. Our individual and group counseling, as well as medication services, employ the most current scientific and research-based methods.

Pregnant Women
MFI also treats pregnant women at any gestation. Our local OBGYN's love our moms and work with them to ensure a safe delivery. In addition to receiving parenting classes while pregnant, our team also assists moms once they return from the hospital with their newborn. Our goal is to assist you to be the best Mom you can be. MFI also offers MAT services for pregnant women who are struggling with opiates.

Women and Their Children
Our specially designed facility allows women to receive treatment while accompanied by their children.* School-age children are enrolled at our local elementary school while on-site childcare is available for younger children. Learn to love yourself as a mother by learning effective parenting and our parent/child interaction activities. Restore your relationships and maintain them in a healthy and safe manner.
*Age guidelines apply

Legacy of Life - Mature Woman's Program at La Vista Recovery & Wholeness Center
La Vista believes that the mature years are the season of reflection and deep personal work. Further, we believe in the right and dignity of recovery for every woman regardless of her age. The work to build a new life of sobriety is quite different for each woman and certainly affected by her stage in life. La Vista's mature woman's program is designed for you.

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