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The MFI Model

MFI uses a whole person approach, addiction or mental illness cannot be separated from the rest of the client’s life; they are intertwined with physical health and everything else around the client. Not using or a decrease in symptoms for mental illness is not enough to be in recovery.

Every client deals with a myriad of issues in their lives, sometimes one being more important than the other, but they are interconnected. Using drugs or drinking alcohol may not be the primary issue, as they may be symptoms of a more difficult mental health issue, such as trauma, anxiety, and/or depression. Conversely, a person dealing with depression or anxiety may have physical health issues that also need focus. People with mental and substance use disorders, most times are also suffering from untreated and preventable chronic illnesses like hypertension, diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular disease that are aggravated by poor health habits such as; inadequate physical activity, poor nutrition, smoking, and substance use. For these reasons, MFI takes a very integrated approach in working with our clients.

Within each of the services provided by MFI for physical health, mental health, and substance use, are the domains in the person’s life that has been captured well by ASAM Criteria for the level of care.


Drawing on several research-based methods, it blends the best modalities into an extremely strong system of recovery. Clinicians at MFI are specially trained in optimizing Motivational Interviewing, Matrix Model, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Contingency Management, 12 step facilitation, EMDR, Seeking Safety, Triple P, MDFT, and other Evidence-Based Practices to help clients and families understand addictions, while taking steps to create a lifestyle of recovery.

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