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Drug & Alcohol Rehab and Treatment Solutions

Seeking help with drug and alcohol rehab is a necessary step for individuals who have a history of substance use. Drug and alcohol addiction is a complex disease and changing addictive behavior patterns takes much more than the intention and ambition to change. Through modern scientific advances, we have a better understanding of how drugs work in the brain, and we know how addiction can be successfully treated.

​Drug and Alcohol Addiction Rehab: Whole Person Care

The mission of MFI's drug and alcohol rehab is to provide the most current and effective short and long-term drug rehab, combined with behavioral health services, to help individuals and families achieve and maintain a healthy and productive lifestyle. Drug and alcohol use changes the brain in ways that perpetuate compulsive use, making quitting challenging, even for those who are ready to change. Our residential drug and alcohol treatment facilities are gender and situation-specific, providing programs for men, women, women with children and the mature woman. Additionally, outpatient programs are available to those appropriate for a step down level of care following residential treatment, or an initial option for those with less severe addictions.

Every addict has a different story; for students, peer pressure can be a factor; others may be subject to demands from a stressful career, the pressure to succeed, and maintain family dynamics that can become overwhelming. For this reason, drug and alcohol addiction rehab programs at MFI are personally tailored to the individual and geared toward generating the most effective results for each client.

Continuum of Treatment Services

MFI offers a continuum of addiction treatment services, from assessment through outpatient and aftercare. Our goal is to treat the individual struggling with substance use beyond just the physical symptoms of drug use and/or alcoholism. The supportive services offered through our treatment programs, such as case or care management and therapy, play an important role in promoting health and recovery.

We offer specialized treatment options at our outpatient alcohol and drug rehab locations* such as stress management skills, parenting classes, mental health counseling and medication management. Family dynamic assessment and improvement promotes positive communication and behavioral changes in important relationships affected by substance use.

*While not all services are offered at each location, our intake counselors work with clients to make their treatment as convenient as possible, without sacrificing individual therapy needs.

Who Do We Treat?


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