Specialized Men's Treatment

MFI's treatment for men is dedicated to providing an individualized treatment plan designed specifically for each individual person. We practice current evidenced-based therapies in a safe and structured environment free from the stresses and cravings of everyday life. Our treatment is personally tailored to each man's needs with comprehensive recovery plans that ensure a return to a healthy and productive lifestyle.

Whole Person Care

Our approach is tailored to each man; it is adapted and changed as men regain their healthy and positive outlook. Our professional addiction team ensures that physical, mental and emotional aspects of each man's care are integrated into their personalized addiction treatment plan. Depression, anxiety and dual disorders can often be present in men with a drug or alcohol addiction. These issues must also be addressed in order for treatment and long-term recovery to be successful. Our individual and group counseling, as well as medication services, employ the most current scientific and research-based methods.

Personalized Alcohol and Drug Treatment for Men

Clients in MFI's men's drug rehab program receive an array of services in a setting specially designed to promote recovery. Our drug rehab centers are modern and comfortable. Rooms and therapeutic spaces are combined with places to promote rest, relaxation and peer support in off-treatment hours. Our professional and caring staff are always available and dedicated to the well-being of each client. We offer residential drug rehab for men as well as outpatient drug rehab for men who may be constrained by professional or family responsibilities.

Our comprehensive and professionally staffed inpatient and outpatient programs provide cognitive behavior therapy and behavior modification, anger management, 12-step introduction and Whole Person Care approach. By utilizing The Matrix Model of addiction treatment, we can provide the most individualized treatment, adjusting as health improves.

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