Sunrise House


Sunrise House

Just about 2 miles on Sunset off I-10, the Sunrise House sits in a very tranquil and picturesque lot with views of the San Bernardino Mountains. This MFI facility is dedicated to working with men who have both a mental illness and substance use disorder. The Sunrise House is designed to maintain an intimate setting to work with a small group at a time. Clients receive the integrated care addressing not just their behavioral health issues but some of the physical health issues that comes along with mental health and substance use.

Sunrise House's Treatment Center Unique Services for Men

  •  Programs designed for the unique needs of men
  • Primary care
  • Individualized treatment and recovery plan
  • Comprehensive on-site services 
  • Treatment for co-occurring medical and behavioral issues
  • Psychiatrists monitor progress for those struggling with depression, anxiety or other mental health symptoms.

Specialized Men's Rehab in Banning

The comorbidity of substance use and mental health disorders implies interactions between the illnesses that can worsen the course of both. Many people who have a substance use disorder also develop other mental illnesses, just as many people who are diagnosed with mental illness are often diagnosed with a substance use disorder. Substance use disorders and mental illnesses have many of the same risk factors. Additionally, having a mental illness may predispose someone to develop a substance use disorder and vice versa. The Sunrise House offers a comprehensive approach that identifies, evaluates, and addresses both substance use and mental health disorders, focusing on both issues together, rather than one or the other.

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