Mt. Rubidoux Residential Treatment and Detox Center for Men


Mt. Rubidoux Residential Treatment and Detox Center for Men


Our residential treatment men's treatment center in Southern California provides services to men with problems with drug and alcohol use. Located in the shadow of Mt. Rubidoux in the City of Riverside, we provide structured and supportive addiction treatment in the semi-private, comfortable apartment-style setting. Monitored by professional addiction specialists 24 hours a day, our modern apartments are a safe haven in which men can heal during the rehab process. Living and recovering in our Mt. Rubidoux men's residential treatment facility means becoming healthy again. Our clients receive intensive treatment and learn new, healthy strategies to sustain recovery.

Unique Services Offered at Mt. Rubidoux Treatment and Detox Center

  • Programs designed for the unique needs of men
  • Primary care
  • Individualized treatment and recovery plan
  • Medication services
  • Treatment for co-occurring medical issues
  • Psychiatrists monitor progress for those struggling with depression, anxiety or other mental health symptoms


Clients at Mt. Rubidoux have access to a membership fitness gym that promotes healthy, physical recovery. Weekly leisure time activities such as bowling, movies, and BBQ's promote drug and alcohol-free social activities.

MFI Center Riverside

MFI's men's treatment center offers diverse services individually tailored to each person we care for. MFI offers the availability of a continuum of addiction treatment services from assessment and detox through outpatient and aftercare. We make sure each client in our Riverside residential treatment facility receives the full spectrum of care based on their unique history and set of issues. Peer support from other men sharing many of the same problems is an important part of the recovery process.

Substance use and addiction are chronic and progressive in nature, and as such treatment must address various components of an individual's life. Our goal through our Mt. Rubidoux treatment center in Riverside is to treat the individual struggling with substance use beyond just the physical symptoms of drug use and/or alcoholism. The supportive services offered through our treatment programs play an important role in promoting health and recovery. If you are concerned about your substance use or are worried about how a family member, friend, or co-worker might be abusing alcohol or drugs, don't hesitate to call today with any questions you may have.

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